The universe is not made of up atoms, but of stories

Lorable is a platform for choice-driven fiction and narratives

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What is Lorable?

Your platform for your stories.

You're in control

A character comes to a fork in a road and doesn't know which path to take. But you do! You're in control of the adventure with Lorable!

Unlimited Value

Fully explore the possibilities of each story, make different decisions and explore different outcomes. The possibilities are endless with Lorable!

Digital Library

Browse the Lorable Library to discover more adventures! Search by ratings, categories, and authors to find the right adventure for you.

Share your idea

Do you have a story you've always wanted to tell? Are you full of ideas that just come and go? Lorable is the platform for you to capture and share the adventures in your mind!

Create your story

Use the Lorable Editor to build, edit and save your own intricate story! The Lorable Editor is in beta and is open to suggestions.

Publish your work

Submit your work to the Lorable Library, where it can be downloaded and read by all Lorable users, either for free or by subscription.

Download Lorable

Currently in Alpha!

The Lorable Reader is currently under development for Android and iOS. A demo is now available. You can use it to write and play your stories today!

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A mockup of the Lorable app A mockup of the Lorable app
A mockup of the Lorable editor

Lorable Editor

Our custom tool to help you write the next great story.

  • Easy to use
  • Simulate your story in action
  • Get analytics on your story

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